A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Role

What Are The Benefits To Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Many individuals after an injury caused by the negligence of another are unsure exactly what the benefits may be to hiring a personal injury lawyer. They wonder whether it would be worth it to spend money on a lawyer instead of settling the matter on their own.

This is a legitimate issue and quite frankly, not every injury claim needs a personal injury lawyer — or I should say, not every injury claim will benefit greatly from the involvement of a personal injury lawyer.

At Boling Rice LLC, we gauge whether our involvement will bring value to a potential client’s case by looking at several areas. At the end of the day, the role of a personal injury lawyer in a client’s injury case is to secure as much financial compensation for the client as possible.

This is because in a personal injury case, justice for the harm caused to the client is awarded in money damages only. No one goes to jail in a personal injury case.

Lets go through some of the aspects of the role of a personal injury lawyer:

Relief From Handling The Day-To-Day Issues of the Claim

The most immediate value a personal injury lawyer can bring to an injury claim is through his or her role in taking over the handling of all aspects of the day-to-day issues involved in the personal injury claim process. Handling an injury claim is often a very stressful process for an injury victim. The insurance adjuster is calling almost weekly for updates and documentation.

You have to collect your medical records and bills and you are being asked to sign things that you are not sure about. A personal injury lawyer can immediately take all that pressure and stress off of the client’s shoulders by handling all aspects of the claim with the insurance company and coordinating the retrieval of all records. Phone calls immediately stop coming to you.

This is important because it allows the injury victim to focus solely on the most important thing—his or her treatment. Injury victims have enough to worry about after an injury. Getting physically and mentally better is the goal.

Collecting Evidence

This is one of the most important tasks a personal injury lawyer will handle for you. If your injury claim involves complicated issues of proof, you most definitely need to speak to a injury lawyer.

Product defect or medical malpractice cases always should be handled by a lawyer.  However, even what appears to be a simple case to prove may actually involve collection of evidence you do not even realize is important.

For example, an uncomplicated rear-end collision where the other driver was cited by the police officer seems straight forward. Many times this could not be further from the truth. Photographs of the damage done to both vehicles must be secured.

Was the driver distracted at the time of the accident? On a cellphone? Evidence of cellular phone usage showed be looked into. What about evidence of how the collision caused the injuries you suffered from? Collecting evidence from your treating physicians in the right form can significantly increase the value of your claim.

Negotiating A Settlement or Filing Suit

Probably the most obvious example of a personal injury lawyer’s role is in negotiating a potential settlement of your claim. A lawyer can be tremendously helpful in this role by providing you with real world experience in trying cases similar to yours and in the same jurisdiction.

In doing so, the lawyer can provide you with an opinion of what your claim may be worth at trial. This is vitally important information to know so you do not leave money on the table in negotiating a settlement of your claim.

Often times, simply having a lawyer involved in the negotiations brings added value to your claim. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of individuals trying to handle their claim on their own by providing wrong information about what individuals are allowed to claim.

Should your case not settle, a lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Claims often do not settle pre-suit. In our experience, this is often because the insurance company hopes you will not really file suit and therefore offer much less for a claim than what it is truly worth. We have often had claims where the insurance adjuster grossly undervalued the claim pre-suit, to only after suit is filed quickly agree to a proper amount for the claim.

Resolving Medical Liens

This component of a lawyer’s role, in our opinion, is the most overlooked aspect of hiring a personal injury lawyer. It comes up after your claim is settled or a verdict is obtained.

What few know is that your health insurance company has an automatic lien against your personal injury money for providing you with health benefits.  At the end of the case, the company comes around asking to be reimbursed out of your settlement or verdict for the amount it paid for your treatment.  A knowledgable attorney can help you navigate the very technical nature of medical lien law.

In our opinion, this is an area where having a lawyer involved can save you a significant amount of money.  This is so because most medical liens can be negotiated down significantly with the help of a lawyer.

This is also an area of the personal injury lawyer’s role that may not be taken seriously by many lawyers.  Why?  Because it often is a lot of work and does not affect how much money the lawyer makes.  Each dollar saved is a dollar directly in your pocket.

Peace of Mind

To us, the overall goal in hiring a personal injury lawyer is to have peace of mind that all aspects of your claim or case are handled the proper way—-Meaning you obtain relief from the day-to-day stress of handling an injury claim; Evidence needed to prove your case the best way possible is secured; You obtain as much justice as possible through negotiation or trial of your case to a successful conclusion; and all medical liens are handled as beneficial to you as possible.  

As we said at the beginning of this article, in our opinion, not all cases warrant the involvement of a personal injury lawyer.  In order to find out whether your claim needs a personal injury lawyer, reach out to a successful lawyer quickly to find out.