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Were you, a family member, or other loved one the victim of an auto accident in Cumming or the surrounding area?  If so, you are likely stressed and worried as the medical expenses and car repair bills pile up, all while you may be missing work and losing income while you recover from your injuries.  Since your number one priority should be to focus on healing, you should allow an experienced car accident lawyer  to worry about getting you the compensation you deserve.

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Why Hire Boling Rice LLC To Handle Your Auto Injury Case?

Car accidents are complicated, and there are many steps that must be taken as soon as possible to preserve evidence and guarantee you get the best possible settlement.  An experienced Cumming car accident attorney at Boling Rice LLC will ensure that these complicated matters are taken care of correctly and efficiently to obtain the maximum compensation, which will allow you to pay any current and future expenses related to the accident without further worry.

Our Recent Motor Vehicle Accident Case Results:

$1.2M—Obtained for family of driver struck head-on by distracted driver in Forsyth County

$600,000.00—Rear-end tractor-trailer v. car accident causing severe back injuries to our client

Six Figure Confidential Settlement—- Dram shop action against bar that over served driver causing severe injuries to our client in single car accident

$250,000.00—-Recovered for client involved in three car collision resulting in severe injuries to her neck

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What Can You Expect to Recover From Your Case?

Auto accident victims are able to recover damages and compensation for injuries resulting from an accident to the fullest extent of the law. If you suffered injuries from a crash that were the direct result of another’s negligence or fault, you should be entitled to hold that person liable for your losses.

Once negligence is determined, an experienced attorney will work to get you a settlement that covers the following:

• Actual medical expenses as a result from treatment of your injuries from the accident
• Future medical expenses
• Loss of wages due to absence
• Loss of future wages
• Loss of employment for life
• Disability
• Disfigurement
• Mental pain and anguish
• Pain and suffering
• Future pain and suffering
• Future loss of quality of life
• Impairment
• Future impairment
• Loss of consortium injury suffered by your spouse

Contingency Fees—-What You Can Expect To Pay 

At Boling Rice LLC, we take all cases on a contingency fee basis.  This means that you pay nothing at the onset of your case, and we receive our fees only if you are compensated for your injuries.  In short, we do not charge a dollar unless you receive a positive result in either through settlement or at trial.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of serious and fatal car accident cases in the Cumming area and through out Georgia, and we have more than 50 years of total experience.  We are conveniently located in downtown Cumming.  If you are unable to travel to any of these locations, we are happy to come to you if needed.

Learn More About Your Claim or Case Here

Visit our Cumming accident claim learning center to read articles drafted by our lawyers on topics important to your claim or case.  We also frequently write blog posts about topics important to injury victims and their families.

A great start to learning more about your claim or case is to review our frequently asked questions page. In this article we discuss numerous topics such as: how the insurance company begins the process; how the claim is evaluated by the insurance company; and many more topics.

What Is The Deadline to File Before I Lose My Rights?

The deadline to file a lawsuit in order to preserve your rights against the at-fault driver is called the statute of limitations.  The statute of limitation in a car accident case is more often than not two years from the date of the accident.  There are a few rare exceptions to this deadline.  Should you not file suit within the appropriate statute of limitations for your case (again, most likely two years from the date of the accident), you are forever barred from obtaining a recovery for your injuries from the at-fault party.

What If The At-Fault Driver Does Not Have Insurance Or Enough Insurance

This can be a difficult situation however, the good news is there likely is a solution.  It is called UM insurance.  UM stands for Uninsured Motorist or Under-insured Motorist insurance.  It is obtained through your auto policy.

In every case, we obtain all information from your auto insurance company to see if you have UM coverage and to what extent.  Even when the at-fault driver has $100,000.00 of coverage or more, it may be necessary depending on the injuries involved to pursue your UM coverage.

Seeking representation from a lawyer that knows all the ins and outs of insurance law if vitally important.  If the injuries are significant, you want to be assured that all available insurance coverage is pursued.

Read more about UM insurance here.

We Can Help With Your Property Damage Claim As Well

The property damage claim is usually the one claim that our clients feel comfortable handling on their own.  This is because unlike the injury claim, the property damage claim is usually very straightforward and therefore the insurance adjuster does not try to take advantage of you.

However, if our clients wish for us to handle the property damage claim we will for no additional charge.  Sometimes clients simply do not desire to deal with the insurance company at all.  We appreciate that and are more than willing to help our clients wherever help is needed.

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