Back and Neck Injuries

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Helping victims of neck and back injuries

Traumatic accidents can have many effects, but few are more serious and life-altering as neck and back injuries. Unfortunately, they are a common result from such accidents, which can include car accidents, sports accidents, slip and fall accidents, and truck accidents. The most important thing to do for your health after suffering a neck or back injury is to focus on getting better, which is why it’s important to hire an experienced attorney such as the accident attorneys at Boling Rice, LLC. They have handled thousands of cases involving neck and back injuries across Georgia and are able to work toward getting you the compensation you deserve while you are free to keep your attention on getting healthy. All it takes is a phone call to our office to get your case on track with the help of an experienced accident attorney.

Keeping those at fault accountable for their actions

Under Georgia law, if a person causes or contributes to your injury, either directly or through negligence, you are able to receive compensation. Making sure those at fault are kept accountable can be a difficult job due to the complicated nature of accidents that can cause neck and back injuries, but an experienced accident attorney from Boling Rice, LLC will be able to sort through the details and help you determine against whom you might have a complaint. Neck and back injuries can be caused by many things. Some of the most common include:

• Car accidents
• Slip and fall accidents
• Truck accidents
• Pedestrian accidents
• Sports accidents
• Construction site accidents
• Falls from heights
• Bicycle accidents
• Motorcycle accidents
• Accidents resulting from equipment failure

Negligence is a very complex issue and requires an attorney with the experience to consider all of the relevant elements of your case and make an educated determination. Our accident attorneys have handled thousands of cases involving neck and back injuries and are able make sense of even the most complicated details.

What are some common neck and back injuries?

These injuries can vary widely in severity, scope, and type. In the most extreme cases, neck and back injuries can result in severe long-term disability that may cause you to be unable to continue the standard of living that you enjoyed before your accident. This is why it is extremely important to find an experienced accident attorney that can get you the compensation that you deserve. Some of the most common neck and back injuries include:

• Spinal injury
• Whiplash
• Herniated disk
• Lower back injury
• Chronic back pain

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