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How Can Cargo Cause a Commercial Truck Accident?

truck-accident-lawyer-cumming-georgiaIt should not be surprising that driver error is the leading cause[1] of commercial truck accidents in the United States. However, there are several other reasons why truck accident may occur. One of these reasons is errors made when loading the cargo into a truck. The following are negligent acts involving cargo that may lead to truck accidents:

Overloaded cargo – Different trucks have different weight limits based on their axles, wheels, brake capacity, and other factors. When a commercial truck is overloaded above its maximum weight, it can cause many different problems that can lead to accidents. For example, the driver may need a longer distance to slow down or stop if the trailer is heavier, and the trailer may tip over if a driver takes a turn too fast. If a driver does not realize the truck is overloaded, he may not know to take the proper precautions and it may cause a collision.

Unsecured cargo – If cargo in a trailer is not properly secured and restrained, it may shift inside the trailer and may lead to rollover accidents or jackknife accidents, which can both be extremely dangerous for any motorists near the truck. Additionally, if cargo is not adequately secured on flatbed trucks, it may fall completely off of the trailer and into the path of oncoming traffic, which can easily cause serious collisions.

Under-loaded liquid cargo – When a tanker truck is carrying liquid cargo such as gasoline, the tank should be filled up past a certain point. If it is under-filled, the liquid may slosh back and forth on curves or turns and the tanker may rollover. Rollover accidents involving tanker trucks can be extremely dangerous if the truck is carrying liquid that is toxic or flammable and may lead to fires, explosions, or dangerous exposure to chemicals.

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