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Though dog bites might not sound like a cause of frequent or serious injury, that’s just simply not true. The statistics show that dog bites account for many serious injuries that require medical treatment and can even cause death, especially in children. According to the American Humane Society, around 4.7 million people suffer dog bites each year, with 800,000 requiring medical attention. Also, around three out of four dog bite-induced fatalities occurred to children under the age of 10. Traumatic bites to the head and neck were the most common cause of such tragedies.

Dog owners in Georgia have a responsibility to protect others from possible injuries from their dogs. Dogs cannot be allowed to roam the neighborhoods, and owners much probably restrain their pets. Owners must also follow leash laws and be on the lookout for behavior that might indicate the dog could violently attack someone. If the owner fails to do these things and the dog bites someone, the victim has a right to be compensated for the injuries. However, Georgia has controversial dog bite laws that protect the owner and limit the victim’s ability to recover. You need an experienced Cumming dog bite attorney from Boling Rice, LLC to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. They are able to navigate the difficult and controversial Georgia dog bite laws with many years of experience.

Complicated dog bite laws in Georgia

All states have laws that explain when a dog owner is liable for the injuries their dog causes when it bites someone. In most states, the owner is strictly liable, which means they are liable for every injury. However, Georgia is one of a small amount of states that requires the owner be put on notice of the dog’s nature to bite first. It’s called the “One-bite” rule, and it means that the owner is not liable for the first bite of their dog. Once the dog bites someone once, the owner is put on “notice” of its possibly dangerous behavior and becomes liable for any injuries it causes after that. Under Georgia law, the dog owner is liable when:

• The dog was vicious, the owner had reason to know the dog may be dangerous, AND the owner carelessly managed the dog or allowed the dog to “go at liberty.”

• The owner violated leash laws in that particular area.

This means that even if the owner knew the dog may be dangerous, a victim of a dog bite must also prove that the owner failed to restrain or manage the dog to make the owner liable. However, if an owner violates a leash law, they are not required to know be put on notice of the dog’s nature for violence.

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