Tips For Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Tips For Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

No one has ever taken the idea of hiring a lawyer lightly. Regardless of the type of case, hiring a lawyer is an important decision.  However, it doesn’t mean that those in need of one always choose wisely. At the time of this writing, a Google search of “personal injury lawyer” yielded three million results. “Injury attorney” resulted in over a million.

Below we provide you with some tips on how to go about the process of choosing a personal injury lawyer. 

Select The Right Type Of Experience

If you are in need of a personal injury attorney, you need an experienced one. Law school alone doesn’t prepare a lawyer for trials; experienced litigators are cultivated in courtrooms. Even a lawyer who has several years of experience in the area of the law that you’re seeking may not have cut his or her teeth in Georgia courtrooms.

So not only are you going to require an attorney who is knowledgeable but you are also going to need one who has stood in front of judges  and juries and presented cases. In our opinion, if you need a personal injury lawyer, you need a personal injury trial lawyer.  There is a big difference.  

Narrowing Your Selection

Using these criteria, you should narrow your search to several attorneys. Now that you have a more manageable number, you can explore their record. Do any of the attorneys sub-specialize in the area of law where you need assistance? Who has the most experience in this area of the law? How many cases has each attorney tried? What is their success rate? Do they have good reputations? If you are not getting the answers that you want, you may have to add new candidates to your selection pool.

Meet The Attorneys In Person

Oftentimes, it will require a few initial meetings before you settle on an attorney that you feel comfortable with. Because this is such an important decision, you need to consider that the best move that you can make sometimes is to walk away from an attorney who just doesn’t feel right for you or your case.

We always give potential clients as much time as they need to interview me. Our trial lawyers answer all of their questions and give them a feel for our philosophy on litigating and trying cases. It is very important that any attorney you speak to is at least willing to spend this initial time with you given the importance of this decision.