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Some types of properties attract criminals more than others. Offenders know that people may often be walking alone in parking garages, parking lots, stairwells of hotels, and similar locations. Furthermore, a person looking to commit a burglary or robbery may often target dormitories, apartment complexes, or parking structures because of the many different units or cars from which to choose and the relative lack of surveillance. If you have been the victim of a criminal act because the building or property had taken insufficient measures to keep the premises secure, you deserve to be compensated for any losses you experienced.
Owners of property, buildings, and businesses have a duty to make sure their premises are kept free of dangerous conditions or hazards in order to keep visitors safe. Part of this duty includes taking reasonable steps so that visitors to the property or business do not fall victim to a crime. Usually, criminal acts may largely be avoided by taking certain security precautions. If a property owner fails to put in place adequate security protections for visitors and you suffer harm as a result, you may bring an inadequate security claim against that owner. The attorneys at Boling Rice, LLC are experienced in inadequate security cases and work to get you the settlement you deserve.

Some common inadequate security situations

If you sign a lease with an apartment complex or pay to park in a garage, you expect that you and your property will be safe from harm. However, many different kinds of properties have a high risk of crime and therefore should provide sufficient security on site. These types of establishments include:

• Apartment buildings or complexes
• Condominiums
• Dorms or other buildings on campuses
• Daycare and child care facilities
• Assisted living facilities and nursing homes
• Parking garages and lots
• Schools
• Shopping malls
• Bars and nightclubs
• Arenas and other sports facilities
• Convenience stores
• Movie theaters
• Grocery and large retail stores
• Carnivals or amusement parks

On such properties, owners should realize the high risk of crimes, both against property and people. The owners should take the necessary steps, which are sometimes quite simple, to provide sufficient security on site. Unfortunately, owners often fail to set up or maintain appropriate security, and the following conditions may lead to injury and claims of inadequate security:

• Not hiring a security guard when it would be reasonable to do so
• Broken fences or gates
• Failing to maintain security cameras
• Faulty or damaged locks, doors, or latches
• Broken or cracked windows
• Inadequate lighting in common areas and parking garages
• Being aware of the prevalence of crime on the property and not properly warning visitors of this risk or taking appropriate steps to lower that risk

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