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Injuries in Rear-end Collisions

Reports have indicated that an estimated 1.7 million car crashes in the United States each year are rear-end collisions, in which the front of one vehicle hits the back of another vehicle. While these crashes are often considered to be less serious than other types of collisions (often called “fender-benders”), some people sustain serious injuries in this type of crash. The following are only a few of the common serious injuries that can affect a rear-end accident victim’s life.

  1. Concussions – Concussions are a mild form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and they occur when there is direct trauma to the head or when the head is sharply shaken, as often occurs in a rear-end crash. The brain rattles inside the skull, causing damage to the delicate brain tissue. Concussions can cause disorientation, brief cognitive impairments, emotional changes, and a susceptibility to further brain injury. More serious TBIs can cause long-term loss of consciousness and severe cognitive and physical issues.
  2. Neck injuries – As mentioned above, the head often snaps violently on the neck when a car is hit from behind, which can cause strains, tears, or sprains to the soft tissue of the neck. These injuries from this source are often collectively referred to as “whiplash.” Whiplash can cause significant pain and can limit a person’s range of motion in their head, neck, and shoulders, often to the point that they must miss work. Physical therapy is often required to recover from whiplash injuries.
  3. Arm injuries – In some instances, a person’s instincts will kick in and they may reach their arms forward upon impact to try to brace themselves. If the crash was forceful, this can cause bones in the hands, wrist, or arms to fracture, requiring medical treatment and preventing the use of that arm for an extended period of time. In addition, if a driver is holding the steering wheel when an airbag deploys, the airbag can cause burns, sprains, and even fractures in their arms.
  4. Facial injuries – Many victims in rear-end accidents either hit their faces on part of the vehicle interior or have an airbag deploy in their face at high speeds. This can cause the following facial injuries, among others:
  • Broken cheekbones
  • Broken jaw
  • Broken nose
  • Eye injuries
  • Forehead fractures

As you can see, injuries from any type of accident – even rear-end crashes – can be serious and can result in significant losses. If you have been hurt, please call the car accident attorneys at Boling Rice, LLC in Cumming, GA at (770) 887-3162 today.



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