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When you buy a product, you usually expect that product to be made correctly and safely for regular use. However, mistakes always happen, and sometimes products make it to the shelves with defects that are sometimes dangerous. Consumers are usually oblivious to such defects and may suffer injuries as a result.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the products that are most likely to cause accidents and injuries are: furniture and other home decorations, construction or home maintenance tools or equipment, baby products and toys, sports and recreational items, kitchen appliances, and products involving fire and flame. If you or your child suffers injury because a product was dangerous or defective, the company should be held liable for any injuries or financial losses. This area of law is called product liability. At Boling Rice, LLC, our experienced product liability attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve after you or your child is injured.

Proving a product liability claim

There are certain elements you must prove in court in order to win a product liability claim against a company. These elements include:

• You suffered an injury and resulting losses.
• You used a product that turned out to be defective or dangerous.
• The product caused your injury.
• The product was used according to directions and how it was intended to be used.

An experienced attorney knows how to prove each of these elements. For example, he will demonstrate the losses you have suffered by using medical records, bills, any photos you took of your injuries or other damage caused by the product, employment records and paystubs if you missed work, and more. A lawyer also knows how to show that the product was, in fact, defective. This can be complicated because there are different types of defects that may occur, including:

1. Defects in design—this defect occurs at the earliest stages, before the product is even made. Usually, every product made from a defective design will have the same defect.

2. Defects in manufacture—even if a product was designed appropriately, mistakes may be made during the manufacture phase. Such mistakes can involve incorrect assembly of the product or using inappropriate materials.

3. Defects in marketing—if a company knows that a product carries certain risks of injury even if it is used as intended, the company has a duty to warn consumer of that risk on packaging or in other conspicuous places. If a company fails to do so, it engages in defective marketing.

An experienced Cumming product liability attorney knows how to identify defects and prove them in court.

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