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Recovering for your Child’s School Bus Injury

Child School Bus InjurySchool buses are a highly important form of transportation. The American School Bus Council estimates1 that these yellow buses keep approximately 17.3 million cars from driving around schools each day, in turn saving an estimated 2.3 billion gallons of gasoline and around $6 billion for the national economy. Not only are buses more economical and better for the environment, but they are also widely considered to be the safest form of transportation2 for children to get to and from school. Buses are built specifically to protect children from injury in the case of a collision, and children on buses suffer significantly fewer injuries than children riding in cars.

However, not every bus ride is always safe, as thousands of children in the United States suffer school bus-related injuries every year. If an injury is caused by the negligent act of another party, the party should be held legally responsible for any injury-related losses. If your child has suffered an injury related to a school bus, you should always call the law office of Boling Rice LLC, a Cumming, Georgia injury law firm, for a free consultation. Our experienced bus accident lawyers can help you receive any compensation you deserve.

How school bus injuries commonly occur

The following are examples of the numerous causes of injuries to children related to school buses:

  • The bus driver collides with another vehicle or object due to negligent driving
    • The bus driver operates the bus in an erratic manner, such as making a sharp turn, and the child falls out of their seat
    • A child is injured by a malfunctioning bus window
    • A child slips or trips and falls due to hazardous flooring conditions in the aisle of the bus
    • A child slips or trips and falls due to hazardous conditions on the stairs of the bus
    • The bus driver hits a child who is walking near the bus or in front of the bus
    • Inadequate supervision of the children allows another passenger to inflict injury on your child

Following a school bus injury, it may be possible to hold numerous parties liable, including the bus driver, the bus company, the school district and more.




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