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Millions of Americans are injured in preventable accidents each year. In many cases, victims will be able to recover for their injuries by filing a personal injury claim. Personal injury law is the area of law that operates to compensate people injured by the negligence of others. The links below are intended to help non-attorneys get a better understanding of personal injury law and the way that a personal injury lawsuit arises. Importantly, it is not intended to be used as legal advice or to help individuals represent themselves in personal injury matters. Personal injury law is very complicated, and many lawyers spend their entire careers honing their skills to better help their clients recover. In addition, the insurance companies from which injured victims often recover are invariably staffed with adjusters trained to minimize the amount they pay out. As a result, anyone who has been injured in a preventable accident should discuss their options with an experienced Cumming, Georgia personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

Links to Legal Information


Courts and Lawyer Regulation

  • The State Bar of Georgia WebsiteWebsite for of State Bar of Georgia, which is the organization responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in the state. Contains helpful information about the law and lawyers, as well as a search function that allows visitors to check a particular attorney’s law license status.
  • The Administrative Office of the Georgia CourtsThe website for the branch of the Judicial Council of Georgia that provides information on policy, legislation, court administration, and court innovation to the state’s trial and appellate courts.
  • Court of Appeals of Georgia Official website of the Georgia Court of Appeals, the intermediate appellate court in the state.
  • The Supreme Court of Georgia The website of the Georgia Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority within the state.


Information about Common Injuries and Accidents that can Lead to Personal Injury Claims


Links to Personal Injury Attorneys in other Areas and Jurisdictions

  • Houston, TX – Stewart J. Guss, Houston Personal Injury Attorney A Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer representing clients injured by the
  • St. Louis, MO – Bruning Legal A St. Louis, Missouri-based personal injury law firm that devotes a significant percentage of its practice to helping burn injury victims.
  • Lafayette, LA – L. Clayton Burgess, A Professional Law Corporation A personal injury law firm practicing in Louisiana and Texas.
  • Dallas, TX – Clements & Clements A Dallas personal injury firm.
  • Clearwater, Florida – Dolman Law Group The Dolman Law Group is a personal injury firm based in Clearwater, Florida. The firm also has offices in St. Petersburg and Bradenton.
  • Indianapolis, IN – The Fountain Law Firm An Indianapolis, Indiana personal injury firm.
  • Philadelphia, PA – The Levin Firm A personal injury law firm located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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