Settlements and Verdicts Obtained

Settlements & Verdicts

On this page we provide numerous examples of results our North Georgia lawyers have been able to obtain for our clients in a variety of cases. We provide these results to give our readers both an understanding of the varying types and complexity of cases we handle as well as insight into the exceptional results our lawyers have achieved over the years.  

Before providing the various settlements and verdicts, we feel it is important to give you a disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that the facts and circumstances of every case is different and therefore, each case must be evaluated and handled on its own merit.  The below results are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in every case and are before deductions for attorneys’ fees, expenses and costs.  

$1.5 Million Wrongful Death Auto Accident Case

Obtained $1.5 Million for the family of a man killed when a distracted driver using a GPS unit at the time crosse the center line hitting the deceased head-on.

$1.5 Million Breach of Contract Case

Obtained this verdict in a three week Federal Court trial over a medical device development contract dispute.

$1.4 Million Forklift Workplace Accident

Family lost their loved one in a tragic forklift accident that could have been avoided.  The companies involved in the lawsuit fought the case on the grounds that the workers’ compensation bar applied preventing the family from recovering.  We were able to obtain this result through relentless pursuit of justice for the family. 

$1.2 Million Wrongful Death Accident

We were able to maximize the recovery for our client who was injured and lost her husband in the collision by discovering our clients’ UM carrier broke the law when it reduced their UM coverage.  Our client was able to obtain the limits of the higher amount of coverage. 

$1.1 Million Motorcycle Collision

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Boling Rice LLC were able to recover all available policy limits from the at-fault driver and our client’s UM insurance.  Our client was thrown from his motorcycle when a commercial vehicle made a left turn in front of his bike.  

$1.1 Million Insurance Dispute Matter 

Husband accidental killed wife.  Life insurance company refused to pay death benefits resulting in lawsuit and ultimate resolution of the matter in our client’s favor before trial. 

$1 Million Semi-Truck Accident

Client was severely injured after being struck by a tractor-trailer in Atlanta. We were able to able to obtain policy limits for our client’s injuries before trial.  

$750,000.00 Tractor-Trailer Collision Case

In this case, our clients received neck and back injuries in a semi-truck accident on I-285.  Our truck accident lawyers were able to resolve the case at mediation before trial. 

$665,000.00 Black Mold Exposure Case

Toxic mold cause by a remediation company damaged our client’s residence and caused her to suffer personal injuries.

$425,000.00 Single Car Accident Case 

Case involved a single car accident in which the driver was driving drunk drunk after consuming too much alcohol at a bar.  Our client sustained severe and permanent injuries in the single vehicle accident and the case was resolved against the at-fault driver and bar.

$400,000.00 Uneven Concrete Trip and Fall

Client tripped and fell outside a local hospital due to a section of concrete  on a walking path that was severely raised above the rest of the surface.  Our client sustained fractures to her wrist requiring several surgeries and a fractured hip. 

$367,500.00 Consumer Product Defect Case

Our client fell off a consumer product at home causing him to sustain several herniated discs in his neck.  Our attorneys were able to obtain this result for our client during a pre-suit mediation after discovering at least one other consumer suffered similar injuries from the same product.

$250,000 Car Accident Case

Settlement before trial of a rear-end, three car collision resulting in client suffering annular tear in cervical disc and multiple thoracic bulging discs requiring a cervical disketomy and fusion.

$250,000.00 UM Policy Limits Auto Accident Case

At-fault driver with no insurance caused severe disc injuries to our client.   We were able to obtain the full policy limits from our client’s UM policy.

Motorcycle Wrongful Death Case

Our client was injured and lost her husband when a young driver turned in front of their motorcycle causing the husband to lay his bike down.  The young driver had minimum coverage.  We were able to obtain the policy limits for both cases from all insurance policies available. 

$230,000.00 Workplace Hand Injury Case

Butcher by trade, our client severely injured his hand at work when the safety device on a meat grinder he was using failed.  Contractor hire by employer to maintain the device had found the problem a week before the injury but did not fix it or warn anyone.  

$200,000.00 Grocery Store Fall 

Negligent placement across a walking path of a metal bar caused our elderly client to trip and sustain severe injuries resulting in hospitalization.  

$165,000.00 Rear-End Car Wreck Case

This rear-end collision was caused by a driver backing up quickly through a parking lot and striking our client’s vehicle.  Our client suffered from the aggravation of pre-existing lumbar disc injuries potentially requiring future back surgery. 

$150,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

Client fell when someone spilled a brown liquid substance on the floor in a busy establishment.  Our client suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee. The client had prior knee surgeries complicating causation issues.

$125,000 Construction Site Injury

Client fell from scaffold at construction site resulting in multiple broken bones and head injuries from the fall.

$125,000 Head-On School Bus Crash

Resolved a head-on collision with a school bus case in which our client suffered soft tissue injuries and a mild closed head injury.

$100,000 Intersection Car Crash 

Client suffered cervical and thoracic spine injuries from a t-bone accident.

Confidential Settlement

UM claim resolved for policy limits after client suffered injuries from car accident where box truck bumper fell off vehicle striking client’s windshield pinning client inside his vehicle.

$90,000.00 T-Bone Auto Accident

Failure to stop resulting in wreck causing herniated lumber disc injuries.