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Liability in a Single-Car Accident

Car And Power PoleWhen only one car is involved in an accident, often people may immediately assume that the driver of that car was responsible for causing the accident. This is commonly a misconception, however, as there are many different reasons why a single car may be in collision. While sometimes single-car accidents are the fault of a distracted,1 drunk, or fatigued driver, in many other situations they may not be to blame at all. The following are some examples of other negligent reasons that may cause this type of collision.

Defective auto parts

When an auto part suddenly and unexpectedly malfunctions without any warning, it is not surprising that a driver may lose control of the vehicle and crash. Some of the defective parts that may lead to this result include:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Steering column
  • Airbags2
  • Axles

If a manufacturer sells a defective auto part that later leads to a single-car collision, that company should be held liable for the injuries of all occupants of the vehicle.

Dangerous roads

Potholes, cracks, uneven pavement, and other dangerous road hazards can easily cause a vehicle to rollover or leave the road. In addition, if a curve or dangerous part of a road is not properly marked with the correct speed limit, a driver may not know to slow down and may therefore lose control. Government entities that are responsible for the design and maintenance of roadways should be held responsible if their negligence causes a single-car accident. 

Other drivers

Even if another car does not crash it does not mean that another driver did not contribute to the accident. At times, drivers can run others off the road and keep on driving, leaving the second car to crash while they drive away. Simply because they did not collide does not mean other negligent drivers do not have liability.

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