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The End of Daylight Savings may Increase the Risk of Car Accidents

Daylight Savings TimeMany of us appreciate the extra hour of sleep from daylight savings time but there may be increased accidents as a result. What many drivers may not realize, however, is that fewer daylight hours can increase the risk of being involved in certain accidents. While the data is far from clear as to how daylight savings time affects road safety, what is understood is that there are certain risks associated with driving at night that are not present when driving during daylight hours. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports1 that driving at night is significantly more dangerous than driving during the day, largely due to poor visibility.

Simply because driving at night can be more difficult than driving during the day does not excuse individuals from exercising reasonable care when driving. In many cases, nighttime car accidents could have be avoided had a driver simply slowed down or used more caution. When this is the case, injured victims can often obtain compensation from the driver who caused their accident by filing a Georgia personal injury claim2.

Several potential sources of liability

There are many different that could potentially be at fault for a nighttime car accident. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Other drivers – There are a variety of other ways that other driver could be at fault for a nighttime car crash. These include driving while fatigued, impaired driving, speeding, or failing to follow traffic laws. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation of your accident and determine whether any evidence of negligence exists.
  • Municipalities or the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) – When accidents are caused by negligently designed or poorly maintained roads, injured parties may be able to pursue a claim against the government agency or subdivision responsible for maintaining the road. There are unique legal rules that apply when suing the government, so it is important for victim to retain a Cumming personal injury lawyer who has experience litigating these kinds of claims.
  • Vehicle manufacturers – When accidents are caused by negligently designed, manufactured, or marketed vehicles, victims may be able to sue the company that manufactured or sold the vehicle.
  • Pedestrians or bicyclists – While these parties are generally thought of as victims in car accident cases, there are certain circumstances in which they can be held liable for causing an accident. For example, if a bicyclist who ran a stop sign caused a driver to swerve and hit another car, the victims could likely recover from the bicyclist in a personal injury action.

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