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What Are The Emotional Injuries of an Accident?

Emotional InjuriesEveryone should know that traffic accidents, falls, dog bite injury, and other similar occurrences have the potential to cause serious physical injury. Physical injuries often require hospitalization, surgical procedures, extensive rehabilitation and recovery time, and more. While physical injuries can have a substantial effect on your life, there are additional complications you may suffer as a result of an accident. Victims often suffer emotional trauma following an accident that may persist long after their physical injuries have healed.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

One of the most common emotional results of an accident is a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).1 PTSD is often associated with military members returning from war but can actually affect anyone who has suffered a tragic ordeal that caused serious injury or the threat of injury. Victims of PTSD often must deal with the following symptoms:

  • Flashbacks of the incident while awake
  • Nightmares
  • Constant frightening thoughts
  • Avoidance of any place or object that reminds them of the incident
  • Depression, anxiety, or guilt
  • Lose of interest in activities

Many people suffering from PTSD stay in their homes and live in constant fear of the recurrence of the accident.

Depression due to injuries and pain

Living with intense or constant pain can cause an injury victim to experience severe depression.2 This is often combined with negative emotions relating to physical limitations. Additionally, if the victim suffered disfigurement, scars, amputations, or other changes to their physical appearance, they may develop depression, withdrawal, and severe self-esteem issues due to their appearance. Such depression can often be significantly limiting in itself and may even cause suicidal thoughts.

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