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Whiplash Injuries

Young Woman Wearing Neck Brace Reading LetterWhiplash is described as a soft tissue neck injury by Mount Sinai Hospital [1] that can include some or all of the following:

– Strained neck ligaments
– Sprained neck muscles
– Injury to disks
– Nerve injury or damage

Whiplash Symptoms

There are many different types of whiplash symptoms, some which can occur immediately after an injury, and some which do not occur until several days later:

– Neck pain and stiffness
– Blurred vision
– Irritability
– Numbness or tingling
– Dizziness
– Unusual fatigue
– Headaches

According to the Mayo Clinic,[2] the largest integrated nonprofit medical group practice in the world, whiplash occurs when an individual’s head is “forcefully and quickly thrown backward and then forward.”  Whiplash can occur from automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents as well as slip and fall accidents and sports injuries.  Some individuals with whiplash recover fully within a short time.  Others, however, experience pain for months or years after the accident and a very small percentage of people can develop bleeding or a blood clot [3].

If you believe that you have whiplash, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.  Your medical provider may wish to obtain different diagnostic testing, such as a CT scan, or some other type of neurological testing, in order to create an accurate diagnosis to confirm whiplash and to rule out any fractures or other tissue damage or injury.  If the whiplash was caused by a Cumming, GA automobile crash, hiring the right trial lawyer is crucial to receive the compensation you deserve.



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